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What is mindfulness?
Mindfulness is a form of self-awareness that is often described as “a state of being in the present moment and accepting things for what they are without judgment.”
When you are mindful, your awareness is in the current moment and you become keenly aware of yourself and your surroundings. You observe things strictly as they are. You avoid judgment and you do not react to the things going on around you.

What are the benefits of mindfulness?
There are numerous psychological, emotional and physical health benefits. Below are the most commonly acknowledged:
1.    Stability of mind – a balanced outlook on life
2.    Flexible awareness – take command of awareness
3.    Self-awareness – aware of what’s going on inside you
4.    Non-reactivity – observe thoughts and feelings with a more detached outlook

How are the concepts of mindfulness applied in a group environment?
Mindfulness allows groups to be more focused, to see problems with clarity and the have the space to feel creative. It also connects team members to one another which is paramount for high performing teams.
A regular mindfulness practice reduces stress and negative reactivity.
Finally, mindfulness can improve overall wellness resulting in fewer absences, lower medical premiums and increased productivity.

What are our trademark mindfulness exercises?
2.    The Mindful Eye
3.    The Mindful Ear
4.    The Mindful Mouth
5.    The Mindful Heart
6.    The Mindful Foot
7.    The Mindful Mind

Mindfulness Resources:

Recommended Apps:
Headspace (Free on iTunes & Google Play, memberships start at $12.99/mo)
Whil (Free on iTunes & Google Play)
Buddhify ($4.99on iTunes & Google Play)
Calm (Free on iTunes & Google Play, subscriptions start at $3.99/mo)
Insight Timer (Free on iTunes & Google Play)

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