Jill Johns International - Helping Women Take Flight.

Come, press pause with us! Whether you are a cancer survivor, 4 D survivor or simply looking to press pause, our all-inclusive retreat weekend is the gift you deserve!

Our inSUPire retreat, is an all-inclusive weekend retreat designed to help cancer survivors and caregivers adopt healthier behaviors.
Cancer survivors now make up 4 percent of the population in the United States and are more likely to have health issues like obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, lung disease and cardiovascular disease after a cancer diagnosis.

With the help of supporters like Whole Foods Healthy and Love, Joy, Peace Yoga, our retreats are designed to help make nutritional, exercise and stress management changes easier.
Participants learn from trained professionals and experts about the following topics:

  • Nutritional Coaching: We lead interactive cooking sessions and facilitate informal discussions that cover: the benefits of raw, whole and organic food selection; make-ahead breakfast; teas for health; and more.

  • Activity Coaching: A cancer-experienced professional will teach participants fun ways to become more active and try new things like Laughter Yoga and Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP).

  • Yoga Instruction: A cancer-experienced yoga professional will lead evening yin classes, SUP yoga classes and private Thai Massage Yoga sessions.

  • Mindfulness: A cancer-experienced instructor will use guided imagery, meditation and other mindfulness-based stress-relief techniques.

  • Life coaching: A cancer-experienced certified life coach will lead a session designed to help survivors explore their life’s purpose

Please check with your doctor before making diet and exercise changes. Registration is required online.

Space is limited for our retreats that require a weekend-long commitment. 

For more information, please contact Jill Johns at [email protected] or 912-531-4999.

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