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Life lessons from a less-than-ideal office mate

The office mate I’ve had for the past two months is an ESFP. I, on the other hand, am an ENTJ. Going into this arrangement, I assumed that having an ESFP as an office mate was going to be a recipe for disaster.


For a little context, I want to share with you the Myers-Briggs definition for ESFPs and ENTJs:

“For ESFPs the dominant quality in their lives is their enthusiastic attention to the outer world of hands-on and real-life experiences. ESFPs are excited by continuous involvement in new activities and new relationships.

ESFPs also have a deep concern for people, and they show their caring in warm and pragmatic gestures of helping. ESFPs are typically energetic and adaptable realists, who prefer to experience and accept life rather than to judge or organize it. “


“For ENTJs the driving force in their lives is their need to analyze and bring into logical order the outer world of events, people, and things. ENTJs are natural leaders who build conceptual models that serve as plans for strategic action.

Intuition orients their thinking to the future, and gives their thinking an abstract quality. ENTJs will actively pursue and direct others in the pursuit of goals they have set, and they prefer a world that is structured and organized.”


So to recap, she’s enthusiastic, I’m analytical. She likes new things, I prefer structure. She has great concern for people, I have great concern for meeting goals. She accepts life as it comes, I try to organize everything that comes my way.


With all of those significant differences, why isn’t sharing office space with her a train wreck?

  • She teaches me to slow down and appreciate the small things in life like the birds outside or our comfy office furniture.
  • She welcomes everyone entering our workspace with such joy and enthusiasm that visitors always feel welcome, appreciated and acknowledged.
  • She goes outside at least twice daily. No matter what is on the agenda for the day, she always takes time to enjoy nature.
  • She always takes each day one at a time. She never agonizes over the past nor worries about the future. She embodies “present moment” living.
  • She is fiercely loyal. I always know she has my back and would never betray my trust.

Surprisingly, sharing office space with her turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me.


Friday was her last day in the office… You see, I’ve been working from home for the past two months and on Saturday, my office mate, Grace the beagle, got hit by a car and passed away.


I wish I would’ve known that Friday was our last day in the office together. I would’ve told her how much she taught me. I would’ve thanked her for being my best teacher. I would’ve observed her behavior more closely in case there were additional nuggets I’d previously missed. I would have slowed down and savored each activity.


ESFPs and ENTJs aren’t supposed to get along very well. If you could feel the agony in my heart, you’d know it was quite the opposite.


RIP Sweet Grace

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