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Are you a stepmom?

Then you better read this.

Life lessons from a less-than-ideal office mate

The office mate I’ve had for the past two months is an ESFP. I, on the other hand, am an ENTJ. Going into this arrangement, I assumed that having an ESFP as an office mate was going to be a recipe for disaster.


For a little context, I want to share with you the Myers-Briggs definition for ESFPs and ENTJs:

“For ESFPs the dominant quality in their lives is theirenthusiastic attentionto the outer world of hands-on and real-life experiences. ESFPs areexcited by continuous involvement in new activities and new relationships

Personalities and business relationships

By now, you have identified that some of your business relationships are easier for you than others. Why is that? Why does one colleague completely annoy you while you can easily tolerate another’s quirks?
It boils down to personality. Your personality. Their personality. And even your company’s “personality.”
Most people enjoy/appreciate working with people who are like them. It’s the ego effect of business relationships. If you, your colleagues and your company are Type A, then you’re in luck!

Business Relationships

You've done it. You've made it through your first full work week of the new year. How's it going? Did you jump right back in where you left off? Or are you taking a different approach in the new year?
I have decided to take a slightly different approach in 2014. It's a more targeted approach. For me, and hence for you, my faithful readers, 2014 is the year of the
"business relationship."
What is a business relationship, you may ask? Well, I can tell you it's not about making googly eyes at the hottie who works down the hall from you.

To Network or Not To Netwrok: That is the Question

You don’t want to attend the event because you don’t know what to wear, what to say or who will be there. You shy away from the after-work social hours because you would prefer to go home and hang out with your family or yourtruefriends. Yet you know in the back of your mind that networking is important for your career
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