Jill Johns International - Helping Women Take Flight.
Have you survived one of life's 4 Ds: Disease, Divorce, Death or Disappointment?

Are you interested in not just surviving the 4 Ds, but THRIVING? (Watch this interview to learn more.)

Hi, I'm Jill Johns and I felt the same way. In May 2015, I heard four awful words:

"You have breast cancer."

I had already survived divorce, death of loved ones and disappointment. This disease was the last straw: I decided to focus on thrivership - living purposefully after the 4 Ds.

So, let me ask you...What do you need to thrive?

- Is there a message about thrivership that you or your organization needs to hear?

- Would you benefit from a workshop on living mindfully or incorporating laughter into your daily life?

- Do you need to chat with someone one-on-one about your experience?

- Or maybe you and your caregivers need to press pause and spend a weekend learning new, healthy habits.

Whatever it is, Jill and her team will guide you on your journey.

Watch Jill's TEDx Talk to see how laughter yoga helped her recover physically and emotionally from her stressful corporate career as well as her journey with breast cancer.

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